By: Brian Sikma

 Today the Senate is poised to hold a cloture vote on S. 1639, the immigration reform legislation that is supposed to resolve the problem of 12 to 15 million illegal aliens in this country. In previous articles I have attempted to outline some of the more outrageous portions of this legislation. This bill is an amnesty bill and, at the rate the Senate is acting, no amendments can change that.

Throughout the floor debate on this legislation the Democratic majority has refused to allow minority conference senators to voice their own opinions on this bill. Senators who rose to speak on any particular portion of the bill were allowed to only respond to either the amendment then under consideration or some statement given by a Democratic senator.

The fact that Senate leaders such as Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) are attempting to ram this cobbled piece of legislation through the Senate without following normal channels of debate is disturbing. When legislation so critical and so wide ranging in its impact on our society is cobbled together behind closed doors with the help of special interests, it would be a wise thing to allow individual senators ample floor time to express their objections to the bill and offer amendments.

When the future of American border security, the future of our immigration and citizenship process, and the question of whether or not we will mandate that new immigrants and guest workers learn to assimilate themselves into our country are at stake, we must not allow seriously flawed legislation to passed whenever more reasonable and law respecting solutions are possible. Some senators have argued that this bill is the best we can get; we would do better enforcing the laws currently in place than in enacting S. 1639.

In press releases aimed at constituents back home, one senator used tough language to talk about deporting those who would violate S. 1639 once it became law. If we’re going to start talking about deportation, why not start right now in deporting the roughly 600,000 individuals who have been order to leave but have not yet left?

Please contact your senators today and urge them to vote no on the cloture motion for S. 1639! The website has the tools you need to find out who your senators are and what their contact information is.

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