Last year Rep. Mike Pence (R) began the fight to eliminate Title X funding for Planned Parenthood. Currently your tax dollars underwrite nearly one third of Planned Parenthood’s annual budget. Although they are the largest abortion provider in the world, Planned Parenthood is eligible to receive Title X funds as long as the money is not directly spent on abortions. This limitation, however, does not mean that sending roughly $300 million a year to the organization does not have negative consequences for women and their unborn children. The taxpayer funding that Planned Parenthood receives allows them to focus funds raised from other sources on the specific funding of abortions.

Pence began fighting to eliminate taxpayer subsidies to Planned Parenthood last year, but his efforts were unsuccessful with the amendment being voted down on the floor of the U.S. House. In spite of the defeat Pence was able to get his legislative concept out there and now he’s back working on eliminating the funding from the 2009 budget.

Legislative battles like the one Rep. Pence is waging are just as important as the overall goal of ending Roe v. Wade and precedents set by ensuing court decisions that made abortion on demand possible. The battle to protect life doesn’t just take place on the macro level. Seemingly micro changes in policy are important because each child and each mother spared the physical death and emotional trauma of an abortion, count towards the overall goal of protecting life and respecting freedom.