You wouldn’t think it would take much thought on the part of churches and denominations when it comes to protecting the definition of marriage.  Although the subject of same-sex marriage is considered to be a political hot potato by some, for churches who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ, adhering to the biblical mandate that marriage is one man and one woman (for the record, the Old Testament practice of polygamy was not sanctioned in the Levitical law).

As some churches and denomations have fallen prey to the modern liberal view that what makes up a marriage doesn’t count as much as what goes on in marriage, i.e. whether it’s a man and a woman or two of one or two of the other, as long as there is “love” and “comitment” everything’s fine, it’s refreshing to see that last last month the United Methodist Church’s General Conference voted to affirm the biblical definition of marriage as one man and one woman. 

The good news is tempered a bit by the more somber news that, according to Mark Tooley, Executive Director of the Institute on Religion and Democracy:

“The African and other over-seas delegates represented the margin of victory for the current church stance on marriage and sex. This year they comprised almost 30 percent of the total delegates thanks to their church growth and membership decline in the U.S.  The internationals may comprise 40 percent in 2012.”

So although the denomination voted to support traditional marriage, it did so only thanks to the work of the African congregations and a decline in U.S. UMC church membership.  Here’s to hoping that UMC churches across the United States collectively take a stronger and firmer stand in support of traditional marriage.