Speaking in Colorado Springs, Colorado just ahead of our nation’s 232nd birthday, Sen. Barack Obama gave a speech that was perhaps one of the best views that we’ve had into what an Obama presidency would look like from a policy perspective.  When Sen. Obama moves beyond the rhetoric of hope and change and starts talking about what he specifically means by his lofty speech, it becomes readily apparent that although he is trying to position himself as semi-centrist now that the general election is upon us, he is still the most liberal major party candidate ever to seek the presidency. 

When Barack Obama talks of responsibility, as he does in this speech, he doesn’t do so in the framework of individual rights balanced by individual responsibilities.  In his mind we don’t have individual rights and responsibilities, we have collective rights and collective responsibilities.  You will note that this is very much the substance behind that form of tyranny that we call communism.

One of the great differences between our founding fathers and Barack Obama is that the former were suspicious of both man and government, but government was more suspect in their minds, in the thinking of the later mankind as an individual is suspect but collectively he is good when he is harnessed by that supposedly great engine of advancement, the all-powerful government.