Throughout the long summer months of the year 1787 a group of men in Philadelphia debated the future of government in the young United States. At times the discussions were heated and it looked like the convention would fail; but yet they persevered. The document that they produced came to be known as the Constitution of the United States.

On the final day, the elder statesman Benjamin Franklin reflected on the work done. He remarked to a bystander that many times throughout the contentious debates he wondered if the sun painted above the president’s chair was a rising sun or a setting sun. He wondered whether the sun was a setting one symbolizing the passing of a day, or whether it was a rising sun, marking the beginning of a new day. Now that the convention was done, Franklin said that he was sure that the sun was not a setting sun marking the end of a work, but instead a rising sun and shining out on a free people and a great land.

Today we sometimes find ourselves wondering whether or not there is hope for America, whether or not the sun will shine again. Should we accept the status quo of bigger government and irresponsible morals or should we fight back with every ounce of strength within us?

It’s time for the sun to rise again; it’s time for the sun to shine again. We can-and we will-get about the business of rebuilding our nation.

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