The staff of Reclaim Our Heritage works hard to provide news, opinion, and analysis from a common sense perspective. Each staff member shares a conservative vision for rebuilding America’s greatness. The staff believes that conservative principles are not a new development in political and social thought, but instead a great reawakening of the principles of America’s Founding. These principles are not great because they are old, but because they are based on the Judeo-Christian belief system and because they have been proven to work.

Each member brings a unique focus to their work based on their life experiences, study of history, and their specific participation in the governing process. Work experiences are varied as each member has had different opportunities to serve and work in government related fields.

Take a moment to learn more about who we are by reading the brief biographies.

Brian Sikma

Brian Sikma

Brian Sikma, Director

A native of Indiana, Brian Sikma has worked since 2004 to further the cause of conservative candidates and ideas throughout the Midwest.  In 2006 he co-founded and led two different programs designed to increase the involvement of conservative young people in the political process in Indiana.  While working for The Wabash Group, a conservative political consulting and public affairs firm in 2007, he served as the Communications Director to a mayoral campaign in the second largest media market in the state.  During the 2008 election cycle he worked as the Communications Director for the Luke Puckett for Congress campaign and contributed his skills and knowledge to numerous state and local level candidates who were also running that year.

Throughout all of this Brian started Reclaim Our Heritage, a small organization dedicated to informing and empowering citizens to take action and urge state and federal government to return to the ideals of the American Founding.  As a grassroots lobbyist who has worked closely with pro-family leaders, groups and legislators in Indiana, he believes that if individuals will seize the opportunity that they have to be a part of self-government, the size of government will shrink, freedom will expand, and our country will once again be guided by the bedrock principles that are the secret to our greatness today.

Believing in conservative principles because they are right and because they work, he has also contributed heavily to the rise of the conservative new media in Indiana.  His work has been featured on numerous blogs both inside and outside of Indiana, and some of his columns have been published in the state’s largest newspapers.

Currently, Brian is working to start an online strategy and public relations firm.  He holds a degree in legal assistant studies from the Oak Brook College of Law.

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